3 Reasons Why All Language Learners Should Try A Study Group

Many people's first foray into study groups happens in high school, but I wasn't invited to my first study group until I was in my freshman year of college. It was for my biology class, and it was mostly people who were in my dorm. As I'm sure you can imagine, it didn't go very well. I learned absolutely nothing. And eventually, I ended up just working by myself. Fast forward five or so years and a former classmate in…

3 Times Music Videos Totally Helped Me Not Fail

I'm a 90's baby. That means I grew up with corduroy (the book and the itchy material), ridiculous amounts of neon barrettes in my head 24/7, and kid's movies that had full-on musical numbers like every 10 minutes (Complete with the soulful remix over the credits). If you're old enough to remember living through Disney's Golden Age and you tell me you don't know every single word to Hakuna Matata I so don't believe you. Either way, music is awesome. (more…)

French from the Ground Up

Have you ever tried to take up a skill or hobby only to find out that you're terrible at it, and you're totally convinced that the universe wants you to suck at it forever? I've studied five languages in a formal setting but I'd never felt anything remotely similar until I had to take french. Oui. Français. (more…)