So the fall season is right around the corner (I’ve seriously started seeing pumpkin spice flavored crap already) and I’m 100 percent here for it. As I”ve said before, summer is of satan and I want nothing to do with it! Another short recap this month as things have been hella hectic in my life. But honestly, when are they not?


I’ve just recently returned from Korea and it was truly an amazing experience. And while I agree with comments I”ve seen about how you don’t actually have to know Korean to get by there, it sure as hell helps. Also, the older Koreans were adorable and absolutely appreciated my efforts to use as much Korean as I could. My last day there, as I was on my way to the airport, an older lady actually stopped me to have a conversation. She spoke absolutely no English (and even if she did, I wouldn’t have expected her to accommodate me because duh, I’m in Korea) but I powered through and was able to get my thoughts across well enough for her to understand me! That’s seriously the most exciting feeling for any language learner, especially when you’re still in the beginner stages.

Now that I’m back I’m scheduling another lesson with my italki teacher. My second teacher that I legit just started with, had to stop lessons because she got a job out of the country! We still keep touch though and I’m super excited for her. My first teacher is going to kill me because it’s been like a month since our last lesson, but I’m hoping she’ll cut me some slack because I was actually over there in her stomping grounds. :)

I also bought the next series of textbooks that I’ve been working out of, as well as a study guide for TOPIK I. This test is gonna happen yall!


Language Plans



  • Start the first section of TOPIK study guide
  • Work through revised Glossika program for Korean (I”m especially hype to give this a try)
  • Try to write at least 5 small journal entries for peer review

What are your LANGUAGE plans for this month?

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