Mission Acquisition: October Language Goals

October 4, 2017


October Language Goals


*Internal panicking*



So can we talk about the fact that I’m bored?

Now don’t get me wrong. German is and always will be my number one. I’ve been listening to a lot of  (older) German music lately and I enjoy how easy it is to slip into a German-language head space. I will never, ever, not love German. Korean is quickly reaching that level as well. At this point, I’m exposing myself to it on a daily basis. I’m a part of a couple of excellent Facebook groups and subsequent Kakaotalk chatrooms. I get to practice reading, writing, and speaking with a native and without any pressure. It’s done a lot for my confidence level when it comes to Korean. So it’s not that I’m all of a sudden not enjoying my main languages.

But holy shit I’m so bored. Because German and Korean are mainstays, I’m in a bit of a rut right now. I need a break from my main squeezes so I can add a little bit of spark. So for this month, I’m going to choose a new language (one I’ve never attempted before) and just dabble at will. I’m still going to be studying German and Korean, but more like maintenance. The only problem is I still don’t know the language I want to try! I’ll have to choose by this weekend.

Language Plans


  •  Rock out to LaFee. I seriously love her sophomore album. My mood has been hovering around “Heul Doch” for the past couple months.


  • Have to put italki lessons on hold for a couple of weeks. Things suck right now.


  • Pick a language to play around with, preferably one supported by the apps I already have and use

Other Plans


Soooo…travel is done for this year.


I was hella excited to go to the Polyglot Conference but, as usual, life roundhouse kicked me in the kneecaps right before shoving me down a flight of stairs into a lava pit. Alas, I will have to wait. I’m already saving for next year because I miss the community feeling from the conferences.


I’m TEFL Certified! Somehow I managed to forget to mention it last month but it’s official now. *dance dance*

I’m not wasting any time jumping into my coaching training. I’ve actually been doing something akin to coaching for the last six months or so, but I want to hone my skills. I want to make sure I’m giving my students the best learning experience! I start next month and end the last weekend of December. It’s an intensive course (the sessions are 4 hours each) so I’m fully prepared to be roaming around like a zombie.

What are you guys up to this month?


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