Mission Acquisition May

Hey hey! I’m back with my language goals for May and ready to kick some butt.


Korean has been going really well. I had to skip a week so I couldn’t finish out my package but I only have one more class. I’m going to do an evaluation of my progress and my teacher, but I have a feeling I’ll be continuing on with her. I’ve also learned a teensy bit of Spanish. I think if I cram on the plane rides over I’ll be set to get around for a few days.

A while ago I bought a Korean fairytale book for kids, and I’ve just recently started going through it and translating page by page. I have to say there are some pretty advanced grammar patterns in this little book, but it’s doing wonders for my reading comprehension. I actually do want to be a properly trained translator one day and am really enjoying the process.



  •  Translate one page a day from Dual Reader book.
  • Find an exchange partner in the area.


  • Finish out my beginner’s language package with my italki teacher and assess my progress. Book a new package.
  • Continue to translate fairytale book. Aim for one page a week.
  • Create Anki flashcards of vocabulary I learn from the fairytale book.
  • Find an easy webtoon to start.


  • Continue to study very basic vocabulary
  • See if there are any cool meetups in the areas where I’m staying

What are your plans for this month?

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