We’re a quarter of the way into the year already. Spooky. O . O

I swear once you hit like, 25, time speeds up exponentially. I still remember it being Christmas. Anywho, onto the language things.

Language Study – Korean


My study schedule (below) has been working out well! I was worried it would be too much but using the Pomodoro method means I don’t get burned out.

Monday – Friday: 이화 1-1 Textbook and workbook | Korean Grammar in Use: Beginning (Use Pomodoro method to split time evenly between the two).

Sat: Korean Made Easy for Everyday Life

Sunday: Korean Made Easy: Vocabulary

My Korean teacher recently moved to Vietnam, so he’s getting himself acclimated before we start up our lessons again. Meanwhile, I’ve found two more language exchange partners! At this point I have the means to practice speaking and writing Korean on a daily basis.

This Month

This month will be me continuing on with my study plan with an emphasis on vocabulary. My 공부 친구 (Study Buddy) and I are alternating choosing vocabulary for us to learn every week. I’m thinking about doing Instastories with them….

What I’m Reading

So I finished Crushing It. If you’ve ever needed a kick in the ass, read it. He won’t be everyone’s cup of tea because he swears like a sailor, but his advice is solid and I am 100% excited to implement some of the mindset changes discussed in the book.

This month I’m moving in a completely different direct and reading…*drum roll*

A Wrinkle in Time!

The movie is coming out soon and I want to get back up to speed on the details. I haven’t read it since grade school, but I remember that I couldn’t put it down. I’m hoping they do movies of the whole series.


It’s Women’s History Month! And here in the language community, that means the start of something new and amazing.

This year from March 8th-11th is the inaugural event of the Women in Language Conference. Although the language community is inherently diverse by nature, the face of the community (like that of many others) is not. This conference is a way to give the women in the community our much deserved shine! I can’t wait to see all of the presentations.


I have a lot of plans for this month. I’ve got my first steady student and I’m looking to add 1-2 more. I’ll be trying my best to actually get some videos up on YouTube. There’s a few local events I’ll be attending that I’m super excited for, which brings me to my next point. I kinda want to switch things up a teensy bit.

Hear me out!

It’s obvious that language is and always will be a huge part of my life. But an equally large part is my love of travel and experiencing other cultures. I’ve been to so many cultural events and sites, both at home and abroad, and I want so badly to share the experience with you all. But then I’m thinking “Well, this doesn’t really explicitly have anything to do with language even though languages is the reason that I’m here.

I feel like I’m holding out! I don’t have the most exciting life but it’s still a lot I feel you’d be interested in.

So moving forward I’ll be adding a cultural component to the blog. I haven’t fleshed it out completely but hey, full transparency. You get to come with on this crazy ride of me trying new things. That’s what makes it so fun.

What are your goals for this month?

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