January Goals


Happy New Year everybody!

“\ O /”

2016 has been…rough. But, I’m already putting out into the universe that 2017 will be better. I’m going to travel more, learn more, and just thoroughly enjoy my passions.


There wasn’t much of studying done over the holidays. Just enough to keep up with Add1 (halfway through it already!). Anything past that was just too much for my tired brain. I slept so much.

Language Plans


  • Still looking for a good film. Any suggestions? All I own is Der Untergang
  • Also still looking for a German Meetup/event that isn’t 6:00 on a Monday evening. It’s just cruel.
  • Make a playlist of at least 5 German musicians I haven’t heard before. This one is on here, because I just stumbled upon one the other day, and it made me realize how disgustingly little German music I have. Pretty much everything I listen to came out around 2005. Oops.


I’m back baby!

  • Glossika. I have the Standard Arabic program but I haven’t had a chance to figure out where I want to fit it in. But! They had a sale for the holidays and I’m weak…so very weak. I bought the Korean program. So far I like it. January I’m following their 4 week program for the first book. Let’s see if it improves my Korean in any way. I’m excited!
  • I still need an italki tutor

Other Plans


I have no idea where I’m going the first half of the year. I have Korea planned for September and Iceland in October. But the rest of the time before that is still open? I might be able to pop back over to Germany!


I start my observation in a couple weeks so now I’ve been looking into Language Coaching. Coaching is actually closer to what I want to do, but the hours look like they’d be difficult with a full time job.

That’s the breakdown for this month. I’m most looking forward to seeing some progress with Glossika. Even if I can’t understand everything in Korean I want to be good enough at pronouncing things at the very least. That way it takes longer for people to figure it out. 😛

What are your plans for the month?


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