So, a new month means new goals in my mission to up my language skills!

This month I’ll be focusing the most on Korean. Now that class has started I have actual exposure to native speakers again. The class is only once a week though so meeting with my classmates and other native speakers will be essential to supplementing the formal learning.

Mission Acquisition April


My goals for Korean are pretty ambitious for April:

  • Score 90% or above on my class quizzes and Homework
  • Learn 25 new Korean words from class
    • Create 10 sentences a week for vocabulary
  • Watch one variety show and learn 10 new vocabulary words
  • Learn proper spacing rules
  • Finish chapter 4 in Ewha and Integrated Korean

I think I’m worried the most about number four. At no point in any of my study (self or formal) has anyone mentioned the word spacing rules for Korean. All other languages I’ve studied were either roman alphabet (German, French) or didn’t have any spacing at all (Mandarin, Japanese). This is a whole new animal for me.

German goals are pretty standard since I’ve been learning it for so long:

  • Take Italki classes at least once a week
  • Write 10 sentences using vocabulary words learned during Italki session
  • Watch one episode of a show without subtitles and write a summary

This will start me a pretty solid foundation for taking the TOPIK next April. As far as taking the C1 Goethe Institut exam, I still have a long way to go. I’m hoping my short trip to Germany in May will give me a motivational boost. Come hell or high water I will be taking the C1 exam sometime in the next year and a half.

So, what are your goals for this month? Write them down, put them somewhere visible and start knocking them out.

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