Mission Acquisition April


It’s that time again! It’s officially spring and I don’t want to see anyone saying the “S-word” again until the end of December…


Most of my study the past month has been for Korean. I have pretty solid plans to vacation there at the end of the year so, as always, I need to learn enough to not get myself kidnapped. In case you were wondering, that’s my official baseline for proficiency in places where I don’t know the language. I’m not fancy enough for Liam Neeson to come rescue me.

My Korean teacher is indeed awesome. She’s much better at pushing me out of my comfort zone, and she expects a lot from me. I’m starting to realize that classroom learning just might not be for me at all. I’ll still try now and again but one-on-one is the way to go.

Language Plans


  •  Find a book/audiobook in the fantasy Genre to read. I haven’t read a German book in a while so I’m long overdue.
  • Continue to listen to Luftpost (absolutely amazing podcast btw) and fantasize about being all these wonderful places instead of stuck at work


  • Finish out my beginners language package with my italki teacher and assess my progress.
  • Start listening to TTMIK’s Iyagi series. I skimmed through one and it’s definitely for high beginner at the very least. They do provide transcripts though so it could really improve my listening skills.


  • Use mosilingua to practice Spanish vocabulary
  • Try out some Spanish courses on Memrise

Other Plans


Spanishi Flag

Operation España is a go!

I’ll be traveling in Spain (Valencia, and Tarragona) for a week next month and I am disgustingly excited. It’s 4 months into the year and I haven’t taken a vacation yet. Highly unacceptable. I’m looking up language/culture related things to do there and will definitely be sharing them on the blog. Aaaand, that’s why I’ll be dabbling back in Spanish again. I’m confident in my ability to at least reach a point where I can buy things and ask for directions. Remember…no kidnapping.


Spring break and sickness have drawn things out so much, but I’m literally almost done. I actually have class tonight. So ready to get to helping people.

What are your language plans for April?

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