*Throws snow up into the air*

So now we’re getting into my second not-so-favorite time of year because I live in Chiberia Chicago. However, CHRISTMAS! Now that Thanksgiving is over I’m listening to pretty much nothing but Christmas music non-stop. It’s glorious.

The end of the year is fast approaching and I have a lot to get done in a teensy weensy amount of time.


My focus has been mainly on German and the Add1Challenge. I’ve got some great resources that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. The community is great and I definitely feel a little less anxious about speaking German. We’re past the 30-day mark so I’m pushing myself to work a little harder now. I’m not sure whether I’ll make my playlist public or not but I definitely will the next time around.

Oh! I started watching Yuri!!! on Ice so my desire to brush up my Japanese has come back with a vengeance. It’s definitely on my to-do list for next year.

Language Plans


  • Find a German film to review for my 60-day mark
  • Go through C1 practice materials again. November 2017, I want to take the exam!
  • Attend at least one German Meetup in January


I just can’t stay away. I miss it so much already

  • Continue self-study
  • Look for a tutor/teacher on italki
  • Start planning for October 2017… 😉

Other Plans


I know it’s a tad early, but I’m already starting to pencil in dates for conferences and the like. Seriously, I can’t wait.  I was supposed to go to Greece this year and wasn’t able to make it. I’m definitely not making that mistake next year. So far I have plans to attend the conference in Reykjavik. The gathering won’t be in Berlin next year so I’m still not 100% on whether I’ll be able to attend. Fingers crossed, though!


I completed my TEFL course. With 20 more hours of hands-on, I’ll finally be certified, yaaaaaay! It’s been a long, crazy road but I’m super excited to start putting my skills to good use. Unfortunately, most of the places for me to tutor/observe are closed for the holidays. So, I’ll be getting my certificate a little later than everyone else. But at least I’ll have it!


Where do I even start?

There’s a whole lot coming up in 2017, but here are two super important ones for January:


A couple months back I asked you guys to give me suggestions about apps/books/etc that you would like to see reviews for. Starting in January the first set will be up for viewing! Every month I’ll be posting full reviews for language related apps, books, and sites. My vision is to have this be a content rich resource for learners who want insight into the different tools out there.


Probably the most exciting thing though is…..*drumroll*………..Free Email Course!



I’ve been working on this for forever and a day, but it’s finally done and here and I’m super proud of myself for being able to offer it to you guys.

I know from experience that when learning a language, the actual language is only half the battle. With so many of us working or going to school full-time, it can be hard to fit in any meaningful study. The goal of Optimize Your Language Study is to get you organized enough to use all that time you think you don’t have. It’s 5 days of no-frill, straight to the point advice and custom resources. If that sounds right up your alley, you can click the image above or right here to sign up.

I want everyone to start the new year out right so the first email will be rolling out on January 2nd, 2017!

Still pretty lowkey for the rest of this year. How about you guys?

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