Sometimes you just have to step back and ask yourself if you’re really progressing the way that you want to be. This post is a result of one of those times. When I started Discovering Language last year, I had a vague idea and a bit of cash so boom, a website was born! In the past few months I’ve posted sporadically but nothing exciting or, frankly, helpful. It’s made it very hard to keep up. And I feel like I’ve been running but not going anywhere. Kinda like that velociraptor dream I keep having…

Hay gurl hay!

Hay gurl hay!

I want my blog to not only be a chronicle of my (mis)adventures in language learning, but also a place people feel they can come to for sound advice. People may not agree with my opinions on everything, but I want them to trust that those opinions are honest. I want to really get across how much I love language learning. And I want to help anyone else who’s in the places I’ve been in.

So! Here I am with a new look, new motivation and a new sense of direction. Unlike before, I’ve done some actual planning to make sure I can be consistent. I have a few posts lined up as we speak and I’m excited to be back on the wagon.

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments.

Let’s do this!

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