How to prepare for a proficiency exam

[Ultimate Guide] How to Prepare for a Proficiency Exam

“Am I actually making any progress?”  It’s a thought that lingers in the back of any language learner’s mind. Unless we look hard, it’s sometimes difficult to see language progress in our day-to-day lives. Enter proficiency exams. They are an official way to gauge language skills. It doesn’t matter if you want to work at a foreign company, go to school overseas, or just prove to yourself where your skills are. Proficiency exams are a great way to find out,…

Mission Acquisition: September Language Goals

  So the fall season is right around the corner (I've seriously started seeing pumpkin spice flavored crap already) and I'm 100 percent here for it. As I"ve said before, summer is of satan and I want nothing to do with it! Another short recap this month as things have been hella hectic in my life. But honestly, when are they not? (more…)