Mission Acquisition: August Language Goals

August 1, 2017


Yaaay August! I’ve got a short and sweet, Korean focused recap this month.


Korean has been going excellent! I managed to keep up with my Kakaotalk chatting. It’s doing wonders for my typing skills. Well, on my phone anyway. Using my keyboard is still a struggle, but I’m looking for some sort of game or program to help with that. If you know any, drop me a line!

My new italki teacher is absolutely adorable. Personality-wise, she’s almost the complete opposite of my first teacher, but they both push me out of my comfort zone, which is exactly what I need. I’m now working on intonation with teacher number one and…whoo boy. This is far worse than I would have thought. I never actually had to practice this with German since I’d been learning it so long that I just picked it up after a while. I’m sure English is just as bad but…I’m dying right now!

Language Plans


  • Finish  another 4 units in Study Group
  • Work through an old TOPIK exam
  • Add another Exchange partner
  • Record intonation practice sentences


I’m going to Korea!!!!


I’ll be staying for little over a week. Probably two days in Busan and then the rest of my time in Seoul. I am crazy excited but also terrified because my Korean is still terrible. I have about a month left to get it to the point where I’m not nervous about speaking it. We’ll see.

What are your LANGUAGE plans for this month?

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